Lessons and courses

Mounted archery coaching at Ilola Riding school in Metsäkansa, Valkeakoski.

Here you can find info about our weekly lessons and bookable extra lessons and their prices. You don't need to own a horse to attend our lessons. Ilola has 6 horses that have been trained to mounted archery. However if you would like to attend our coaching with your own horse, it's possible. Just contact us in advance so we can prepare for your arrival!

If you would like training somewhere else than Ilola, we can discuss about the prices and dates separately.

Weekly archery practice

Weekly free practice every Thursday from 17 to 19

You may arrive at any time, but we will leave the premises no later than 19:00.

Pre-registration for practices via email or Contact form.

Summer time we will be shooting mostly outdoors, but when the cold starts to bite too hard, we will be shooting indoors in Metsäkansan navetta (old barn). Metsäkansan navetta is not a warmed up space, but it offers protection from wind and rain.

The price of archery practices is cut into two parts: archery range fee and equipment rental if needed. Archery range fee is a fee for all archers, which covers the cost of the facilities and the targets. You can pay the range fee as a one-time payment, or twice a year as a seasonal payment.
Equipment rent is avoided by those who shoot in practice with their own bows and arrows. It is also possible to rent just arrows or a bow.

Archery range fees:
10 € / one-time practice
140 € / season (January - May and August - December)
For EMAC members 100 € / season

Equipment rentals:
5 € / one-time practice
3 € / one-time fee when you only need the bow or arrows

Safety guidance is involved to the costs and is mandatory for all first-timers.

Quided practices are possible to arrange either at arrival or in advance.
5 € / Introduction to archery/technique check (~20 min)
15 € / 1 hour quided archery lesson (60 min)

Prices involve coaching. Archery range fee and possible equipment rental fee according to the price list.

When doing archery with your own equipment, please notice, that in our indoor range shooting is allowed with max 30 pound bows. If you have a stronger bow, please contact us.
The bows we have for rental are the same traditional bows that we use in mounted archery. All our bows have a draw weight between 15 - 28 pounds.

Weekly mounted archery practice

2022 we will add weekly mounted archery lessons in our schedule.

To attend on these weekly lessons you should already know the basics of mounted archery.

We will add more info to this page.

Mounted archery lesson 1,5 h

Mounted archery lesson including archery from the ground and riding from horseback. Suitable for those who have already had the chance to learn the basics of mounted archery.

Price 45 € / person, including coaching and horse rental. (2 - 4 people on one lesson.)

Equipment rental 5 €

Private lesson +20 €

Mounted archery lesson 2,5 h

A little longer mounted archery lesson including archery from the ground and while riding on horseback.

More possibilities for deeper archery technique check, theory or just getting to know the very basics with your own group.

Price 95 € / person, including coaching and horse rental. (2 - 4 people on one lesson.)

Equipment rental 5 €.

Private lesson +20 €

Lesson at your own stable and/or with your horse?

Our mounted archery lessons are held at Ilola Riding school in Mesäkansa.

But do you have your own horse, or would you like to have mounted archery activities at your own stable?

Please contact us, and we'll see what we can do! :)

I will charge equipment rentals, my working hours and traveling expenses fairly with my trade name.

Archery lessons
(30 min / 1 h)

Archery is an important part of mounted archery, and it's important to keep practicing archery from the ground as well as from horseback.

It's possible to
book these lessons separately as well. Prices include the archery range fee and coaching. 3 - 6 participants required.

25 € /
person / 60 min
13 € / person / 30 min
Equipment rental: 5 € / person

(or arrows only 3 €, or bow only 3 €)

ion of the archery lesson may vary. We'll inform you and your group about the location after booking. (Near by Ilola anyway.)

Mounted archery courses / camps

Different course days are a great way to improve your skills. One course day lenght is about 5 hours, including some theory, archery on the ground and lastly mounted archery in two groups.

More information about the upcoming courses you can find from the Tapahtumat site. (Only in Finnish. If theres a suitable day for you, and you wish to receive more information, please Contact us!)

If you wish to have a course only for your own group, please contact us, and we'll set up a time and prices according to your wishes!

Prices depending of the contents vary between 100 - 150 € / person.

Prices include coaching, horse rental, and equipment fee. At least 4 participants required (max. 8.)

3 - 10 lessons - Course packs

Course packs are practice-periods where we will meet at the riding school weekly (or 2-3 times a week), to develop the skills we need in mounted archery.

Each lesson is 90 minutes long, and on most lessons we will have horses with us. On some lessons we will focus more on archery and balance without horses.

Course packs are suitable for groups with any skill level.

Courses can be arranged when there are at least 4 participants (max. 8.) It's recommendable to gather your own group for this.

Prices with group of 4-8 persons:

10 time course pack price is around 300 €/ person

5 time course pack price around 170 € / person

(prices will be specified once the contents of the course pack is agreed.)

Prices as private lessons:

10 time course pack 400 €

5 time course pack 220 €

Prices include coaching, horse and equipment rental.