Ilolan ratsastusjousiampujat /

Ilola mounted archerers (IRJA Ry)

IRJA Ry is the association of Ilola mounted archerers. We are also part of EMAC ry, that gathers together groups and stables doing horseback archery, show jousting, skills at arms, fencing ect. activites around Finland.

When joining EMAC, you will also be joining IRJA, and will receive the info about upcoming courses and other activities via IRJA's Facebook group. You will also get discounts from some of our weekly activities.

Ask more about joining at Ilolas Wanha asema (old station, yellow building) or visit EMAC Ry website!

More information about Ilolan Farm and Riding school

From Ilola you can find also accommodation services, farm animals, cottages to rent, different types of Finnish saunas and the outdoor tubs, and much more!

Psst, you can find us from Facebook !