Who, what and where?

Experiencing the joy of Mounted archery

We are shooting arrows from horseback! But how and where?

The base of our association is located in Ilola's riding school in Metsäkansa.

Metsäkansa lies between Valkeakoski and Akaa, and it's not too far from Tampere or Hämeenlinna.

Mounted archery and archery lessons are held by Tiia Salminen, who has strong knowledge in both archery and riding. Her skills have been refined abroad, but now she has been back to Finland for couple of years, gaining the trust of the horses in Ilola.

On mounted archery courses we have also Joonas assisting us. Joonas knows the stables horses well and is also familiar with mounted archery. Joonas might also coach you in archery.

In charge of riding and the wellbeing of the horses are the equestrian professionals Mervi Ilola (owner) and Salla Ollikka.

Half of the 12 horses of Ilola have already been trained for mounted archery, and we'll keep working on the next candidates. In Ilola we'll make sure you get to do mounted archery safely and we won't let you work with a horse that hasn't had the chance to be trained to this sport earlier.

How about your own horse?

If you have a horse/pony of your own that you might want to introduce to the secrets of the sport, or you would like to have archery activities at your own stable, please contact us. I can also come to you with all the archery equipment, so you get to familiarize your horse to the sports in the safe home-environment

You can also bring your own horse to Ilola Riding school when attending to lessons and courses.

Please contact us in advance, so we can prepare for your arrival. Let us also know, if your horse has already been trained to mounted archery, or are you joining us training in mind.